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Tips for Getting Snapchat Nudes

snapchat nudes

When you’re in a relationship you know that sex can be a big deal, it first starts with nudes and progresses on. But for most people that aren’t in relationships they somehow want nudes. Because it turns people on, naked men and women are a turn on, no matter who they are, they could be complete strangers and you wouldn’t mind one bit as long as you are getting exactly what you want.

There are many ways to get nudes from, you could ask someone that you are attracted to personally, but that might be a long shot and end up ruining what you have going on with them. So maybe the better option is to look for strangers nudes, it’s a pretty common thing. There are billions of nudes being transferred from person to person as you are reading this. But the question is where can you get it from? The internet actually works wonders so you can find nude on many porn sites and such. However you won’t be trading pictures back and forth, so what’s your best option? Well you could use Snapchat to send nudes, you just need to learn the tips for getting and trading Snapchat nudes. Then you are all good to go.

Are You On Snapchat?

Before you learn how to send nudes you need to know more information about this social media platform. First of all this is a multimedia messaging platform, it was created in 2011 by students of the Stanford University, Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy, and Evan Spiegel. The main purpose of this is to send messages, photos or videos directly to your “friends” who are the people that you add so you can send them messages and so on. You can send them streaks and snaps, which disappear once you have viewed them. You can also post stories as well.

This social media platform is becoming quite popular. Millions of people have this app on their phones. I mean there are fun filters so who wouldn’t like it. But many people don’t like it for those reasons, for a lot of people it is a great way to exchange nudes, and you can find out why.

Why do people use Snapchat to send nudes?

Out of all the ways that you can send and receive nude pictures the most popular way is through Snap. Many people, especially teens know that this is a good way because after you view it, it’s gone forever. So nobody can know what it was, and there is no way of recovering it, and with conversations being deleted in 24 hours that is even better as there is no trace what so ever. Also if you tell who ever you sent it to not to screenshot you will know, because when they screenshot your message you get information about it. So nothing can be executed. Furthermore there are tons of users, even porn stars use them, and therefore you even have the possibility of getting nudes from them too.

These are all good reasons, however you have to be careful when sending nudes, it is your body and you don’t want sensitive pictures in the wrong hands. Sexting is never going to be 100% safe and some unscrupulous people on Snapchat or other sexting apps might try to use content for blackmail. Just because they can’t take screenshots doesn’t mean that they have other ways of getting it. They could use other devices to capture what is on screen, which could end up hurting you in the end. You must always be careful of sending a nude pic to the wrong person. Overall make sure that what ever you are doing you are doing it safely and with a certain amount of trust or reciprocation.

The tips and tricks

The tips for getting and trading Snapchat nudes are pretty simple. You want to understand the girls. If you straight up ask for it out of nowhere you will most likely get denied. So you have to ask properly with out asking at all either. You should start with compliments, they always make a girl flustered. Make sure that you aren’t using those sex emoji’s right off the bat either, they are a big turn off. Another thing you could do is turn each other on, say things that will make them go weak in the knees. And look out for hints, girls will never say “send nudes” they will tell you things like they’re getting in the shower, or bought new underwear. This means they want it, badly. So this is all you have to know.