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After Craigslist removed its “Personals” section, it caused a whole riot for many escorts and clients. After its removal, MegaPersonals came into the picture to save the day for these people. This classified website acts as the right alternative for escorts and their clients. We will be giving you a thorough review of its authenticity today. It will give you a better idea of what the platform is about. You will know what to expect by the end of this article.

How MegaPersonals Works

MegaPersonals function just like any other classified website. In this platform, you can respond to listings or insert your listing that catches your interests by creating a profile. Unlike other classified sites, MegaPersonals doesn’t care much about all the lame nitty-gritty stuff. MegaPersonals is all about clients looking to bang escorts. Whereas as site like reddit with their subreddits for hooking up and others are more about free hookups between “civilians.”So, if you are into it, then you can sign up now.

Different folks use this platform for fulfilling their wildest fantasies. These are real life fantasies not the virtual ones you will find on sites like WetPussyGames and the like. These folks can be single men, married men, and even couples. There are couples on this site looking for escorts. They engage in threesomes with any of the escorts, which is a part of their fetish. Some couples even do it to spice up their relationship. It caters to every type of client at all times.

Should You MegaPersonals

Craigslist took down their “Craigslist Personals” because of the stricter rules surrounding escorts. There were many risks surrounding escort advertisements on craigslist. The authorities might think that they are doing this to protect the escorts; however, that’s not the case. In reality, they are putting them at more risk because the sex workers don’t have a platform. They will have to go back to escorting on the streets, which is super risky.

The sex workers expose themselves to all types of violence and even death sometimes. So, the need for MegaPersonals arises. Here, the clients can easily find sex workers with ease. The escorts can also choose who they want to sleep with by viewing their profiles online. There are many men and escorts on this site today. So, using this platform will enable you to meet up easily at the best prices. Plus, everything is safe, and all your conversations are encrypted.

Signing Up

Signing up on this platform is safe and free. You just need to use your username and email address. However, MegaPersonals doesn’t verify your credentials. In this way, you can utilize any email address and username that you wish to. You also have access to premium options, but they are located in a lowkey manner on the main page. Once you upgrade to the premium version, you will enjoy more exclusive additional benefits. You can proceed to choose the listings that you want.

It is also possible to edit and change your profile entries. For instance, if you identify as a straight person but are interested in experimenting in the future, you can edit your sexual orientation. After you locate a potential interest, you can message them by visiting their profile. You can email them back and forth on this platform. We advise you to use a secure email address because MegaPersonals doesn’t have encryption.

The Highlights

  • MegaPersonals is completely free to use from the jump. The majority of its features are free. But to enjoy additional features like snapchat nudes and others, you do have to upgrade to the premium one.
  • Scam Advisor, a reputed and famous company, identifies MegaPersonals as trustworthy and genuine.
  • You will find a plethora of options when it comes to sexual preferences.
  • There are listings concerning the local members. In this way, you can locate people in your vicinity.

The Lowlights

  • The emails in this platform don’t have any encryption like Craigslist. So, it is best to create your private email for using this site.
  • Due to its popularity, MegaPersonals have a high amount of traffic. So, the site can be a little slow compared to other escort sites.
  • It comes across certain technical issues, such as automatic change of profile pictures at times.

Can You Trust MegaPersonals?

To start, MegaPersonals is completely free and doesn’t ask you to pay instantly for using their services. This site isn’t a scam like most escort sites. The platform also doesn’t shove their premium version against their users. You can also browse, view, and interact with multiple profiles for free


Also, there are no hidden fees present on this website. The site also doesn’t allow users who are 21 and below to use their service. It protects minors from any danger. Plus, Scam Advisor praises the site for its authenticity. So, to answer the question, Yes! You can fully trust MegaPersonals in the same vein as a dating site like hookupbay

Ready For A Hookup?

MegaPersonals is free of cost to use and comes with no hidden charges. You can use it to meet some of the best escorts in the business. You can chat, meet, and hook up discreetly. There are no chances for you to get scammed as well. You can finally bring your bedroom secrets and fetishes to life by using this platform. Just make sure to use a secure private email for the site.