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Why Is Casual Sex Better Than A Relationship?

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A relationship often means that the couple knows one another with a certain amount of intimacy which may or may not result in physical sex. It is therefore more akin to a close friendship with intimate sharing of personal information and going out with or without the knowledge of others in a society. Relationships may also be short term or long term and there is nothing much to them if couples were to simply remain as fast friends only. However, there are relationships outside marriage that may take things to the next level of intimacy with frequent messaging, sex chats on mobiles and sharing of adult videos without actual sex taking place.

It is also seen that relationships may be short lived or may be carried out for longer durations such that they end up in marriage. In sharp contrast a local hookup is also a relationship although with well defined boundaries where couples seek temporary access to one another for sex only with no strings attached. In a casual sex relationship the effort on both sides are minimal and later may end up with well defined purpose although initially they all start a little casually.

Casual sex hookups are between people who are usually registered on online sex sites seeking partners for the very purpose of sexual indulgence through quick and easy sex chat followed by a snap fuck. While relationship may involve emotions and progress slowly, hookup affairs and casual encounters are short lived and have no emotional appeal for one partner to the other. They also tend to end as fast as they started. On the other hand relationships also break down quite fast enough although the basic idea may have been a long term bonding between couples.

Advantages of Having Local Hookups

It is generally seen that local sex hookups are easy casual sex meet ups without much extra involved and both partners know quite well enough in advance that it is only a temporary relationship to meet n fuck. There are numerous fuck sites that allow and invite people from both sexes to register on their hookup sites. Through this common platform interested straight men and women looking to fuck, as well as homosexuals and transgenders in some cases, come together for messaging and sex chats whereby they get to know a bit about one another. When sexting is taken to the next level including exchange of snapchat nudes or other nude pictures of both potential fuck buddies, they finalize a meeting place for a successful meet and fuck encounter.

This kind of casual sex relationship may be better for those people who aren’t in for any serious and emotional entanglement. They find that this is perhaps the best way to vent their passion for physical sex where after they are left alone to focus on their other works.

As hookups involve no emotions it is a better way to get together with minimal effort on both sides. Since there is no long term attachment it usually done in order to get rejuvenated and also to liberate oneself from frequent physical urges. For horny teens and horny college students it helps in focusing on their studies and there are no financial loss apart from that one or two days of expenses. It is undoubtedly cheaper than a serious relationship between people and no real emotional risks are associated with it.

When Casual Sex is Best

If your hookup is a local fuck buddy then you may or may not harbor some kind of preference as some people do. This is more due to the convenience factor. In the case of regular hookups, fuck buddies, and friends with benefits you may choose one or two preferred persons to meet your physical needs without any hassles later on. You may also find them easily available and when no casual sexual encounter is involved you may still sex chat, sext, and exchange naughty snapchat nudes and videos.

Naturally, you don’t want them to be forgotten as you may find your local buddy better than your long term relationship with someone. You are also quite secure as you are familiar with the fuck buddies you meet and fuck. Sure you may not know a lot of personal details, but when you have a regular fuck buddy you develop that relative trust and comfort. If you have any secrets too it is almost guarantee that they would be kept safe.

In the case of a traditional relationship your partner may judge you by your behavior and attitudes. Again, if you are thinking short term then your partner may be thinking long term and emotions may come in to play without you noticing. You can get unnecessarily drawn into issues later which you may have easily avoided by sticking to finding horny women for casual sex.

Responsibilities build up when your ordinary relationship with another person becomes binding or they take attempt to force you to act according to the rules of law and society. Due to their inherent seriousness you may also find yourself spending huge amounts of money if you think of breaking out of one. There may be repercussions from your partner as well as friends and shared social acquaintances too.

Therefore, in all instances of short term fun casual hookup dating is better than getting into serious relationships. If what you really want is amazing sex it doesn’t make sense to make the emotional, time and financial investments required from a serious relationship. You can have a one night stand or a regular fuck buddy. That being said, casual sex isn’t for everybody. However, if you are a horny girl who wants to fuck or a dude who loves getting laid all the time you should definitely hop on a free fuck site and try out some casual sex dating before getting into your next relationship.